About MC

I opened up my daycare in 1992.  Since my older daughter, Jessica, is handicapped, I found it was nearly impossible to find childcare for her by 2 years... 


Nature is full of little treasures God made for us to enjoy!  Children love exploring the back yard to see what they might discover; like a Walking Stick! 

Meet Our Staff

I am the primary provider for my childcare.  My husband sometimes helps out when he's not at his job at Fresh Thyme.  He is here if I need to do an errand.  Occasionally my daughter helps too if she is here! 
Contact us!

We are still open, but enrollment changes frequently and I'm trying to only go up to 8 children.  Call me to see if there's an opening. 

Lafayette, Indiana         m.kids1301@gmail.com        765-474-6365

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